DATE 2019 Week 9: Hangzhou Zoo

8th July - 14th July 2019


Hangzhou Zoo is one of the few recommended scenic spots in Hangzhou. Although it is not as impressive compared to Singapore’s Zoo. It still has a large variety of animals that we would be able to look at.

The Shows

Gymnastics Show

The zoo not only have animal exhibitions but also gymnastics shows and an animal show that are rather entertaining. The Gymnastics show not only shows case the impressive feat what human can do, but it also has a magic display as well. For the magical display, the magician dresses up like a clown,  which gave the show a more comedic feel to it.

As for the animal show, the main star was a seal, as he and his trainer showed off the physical capabilities of the seal. After processed by showing off the seal balancing skills, swimming and also jumping capabilities in the water.

I would personally prefer the animal show compared to gymnastics performance.

The animals

Taking a Chill Pill

After the shows, we continue on to see the animals exhibitions. However, most of the enclosures seem unsuitable for the animal. Those animals within that enclosure were pacing back and font which shows that the animals are under stress. There were also a lot of security guards patrolling the area to prevent visitors from injury or feeding the animals. This was because this zoo has a history of their visitors throwing the harmful object or unsuitable food at the animals.


Taking a Chill Pill

Overall the experience at the zoo was mediocre. The experience would be better if the enclosures were constructed in a more specific manner for different animals. I hope that in the future, they would implement those changes so that it would be able to enrich their visitors’ experience.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 5 , 15th June 2019)

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