Theme Finale

Theme 6 – Smart Home Products group photo!

The big day has arrived! It was now time for all the different themes to showcase their products and ideas. Everyone has put in a lot of effort over the pass few weeks and the professors were very proud. As the showcase began, each group went up stage to exhibit their project. The presentation was split into 3 segments where 3 groups would present in each segment. In addition, between each segment, there was a lucky draw that gave out prizes such as HangZhou themed mug.

Group presentation on the big screen

The presentation progressed smoothly with every team describing their project details as well as showing their product. The different themes included topics such as AI, data analytics and architecture. When it was our turn to present, we setup ViVi (smart calendar) and Kuka (smart scale). Ding Xuan, Chen Xi and Zai Xuan helped us present our project and also showed the audience the interactions between products and the user. Our professor and TA were very proud of us and congratulated all of us for the hard work put in. It was indeed an apt closure to our theme 6 project on ‘Smart Home Products’!

Kuka’s own poster!
ViVi’s own poster!

Overall, the presentation was an overwhelming success with Theme 9 (Last Mile Delivery) taking home the ‘Best Project’ award! Next, everyone left to go for dinner at Zi Jin Gang International Hotel. The dinner included pig trotters, vegetables and fish which was delicious and filling. Martin and Micaela from Theme 4 gave everyone a Yam Seng to end off the spectacular day!

Dinner at Zi Jin Gang International Hotel.

Shang Hai Round 2!

What a memorable day at Happy Valley!

The previous time we went to Happy Valley it was raining, thus we did not get to ride all the attractions. Hence, it was time to revisit this wonderful place again! With good weather on our side this time, we managed to take all the rides. We went back to take Diving Coaster, Cyclone and Viking Ship once again. The Fireball attraction (wooden roller coaster) was up and running this time and it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get on it. We had an extremely enjoyable trip in Shang Hai and would miss the fun times there!

The iconic Nan Jing Boulevard.
Shang Hai looks a bit like Orchard Road.
Happy Valley’s rides and attractions.
Not for the faint hearted!
Queuing up for ride after ride!

DATE closure

As the DATE journey comes to an end, it has been an extremely memorable trip for me. Not only have i made new friends and memories, but this was also an enriching cultural experience in China. I have learnt a lot during my stay here which i will bring back to Singapore and SUTD. This journey has been one that i would highly recommend to the next batch of SUTDents. As one chapter closes, it is an opening for another new one. I hope to see all my friends back in SUTD when school reopens. A big thank you to Zhe Jiang University for being an excellent host and until next time, see you again!

Thank you China for such an excellent trip!


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