Final Presentation

Growth is about making mistakes and learning from it

It was the toughest week of the whole term. There was more mistakes that we done from the presentation slides to videos to our prototypes or phone application interfaces. There was miscommunication involved and many of the instructions were not received clearly between our team. Some of our designs where the colors, shapes or storytelling of the video were not conveyed as clearly as we thought and we ended up redoing most of the parts. The main issue was due to a lack of common understanding between our teaching staff and our team. We only started our ideas very late into the project and soon begun to rush into the prototyping it. However, we did not discuss the details of it very carefully and were not on the same page. On top of the existing communication miscommunication, our ideas conveyed different meanings and when we saw the final products, we all had our own ideas. Nevertheless, we managed to pushed through the sleepless nights and finally presented our final prototypes on the final presentation. We have not really talked with other teams about their products and their progress so it was quite amazing to see everyone’s products on the final product showcase. It also was a nice conclusion to our 14 weeks stint here where we learning through the sweet and bitter moments. Despite not able to work out our ideal product, the learning process was the most important and I am sure that this would be an experience that not most can takeaway from and I am glad and privileged to have went through it together with my friends and team mates. 

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