Origami Robots Showcase

The Exhibition

This week was the week of exhibition and after receiving our various feedback from our professors on Monday, each team was rushing their final product for the showcase on Wednesday. Most of the groups received feedback mainly on their appearance design such as how exhibit will interact with the user on the day itself. One interesting point the professor raised is how will this interaction be different from us just placing buttons there for the users to start the actions. We then started to focus more on the characteristics of our origami and how we wanted the user to interact with it. We started to give it more meaning where we built a setting and providing the origami with a more human persona so it is more intuitive.

For our origami, it is a seal which has been lonely on the Antarctica. When the user first approaches it, it will show excited movements and will clap both its flippers. Then, when the user gets too close, it might get anxious and become nervous. However, when the user starts to walk away, the seal will resemble running movement of a human to look like it is chasing the user, hoping he does not leave. When it is alone though, the seal will be very lively and dance on its own. There is also a shock sensor to detect sudden vibrations when the user knocks on the seal’s surroundings where the seal will be shocked and look like its shivering. 

Smart Home Product 

We will be moving into a villager in Baizhang village, Mr Zhang’s home to stay over the weekend to understand the lifestyle and to interact with them. We will interview and try to understand what are their pain points and their understanding of smart home products. Our objective is to see where smart home product can come in to help these elderly in these rural villages. We have been testing out certain xiaomi and chinese brand smart speakers to familiarise with and comprehend the functions so that we can better relate to possible solutions for problems we observe or encountered by the elderly in the village.

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