Problem Discovery

The week of critics

This has been a tougher week of research, problem finding and critics. We were literally flipping through every part of the home to identify what are the home products and conventional furniture before researching the products already out in the market. We had to present many smart home products based off each area of the home we are researching on such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom and to tell a story on how each item are being used based on a problem. Below Figure 1 shows an example of why that baby monitor is being produced. 

This was only the initial part of the market research to understand the possibilities of products out in the market. Next, we had to come up hundred of ideas for many target audience with very limited time so as not to restrict ourselves with what we could do. We did not get very specific with the technology but rather more about the problem and a simple walk through of the solution using a story like the one in Figure 1. 

 We begun to split up more individual research work based on the final exhibition where some of us took up learning on technology such as Arduino, videos editing like Premiere Pro, reading on research papers and CADing. These technical skills will surely help us back in SUTD as well and we are glad that we are able to learn such skills to bring forward a real product into the market.

(For me, I am learning about Arduino)

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