Idea finalization

Following up from last week’s discussion session, we finalized on the 3 ideas that have the most potential out of the 10 that we chose. The 3 ideas are: 1. A smart dustbin that is able to help users tie their trash and replace the trash bag automatically. 2. A toy that teaches children how to better manage their time. 3. Shelves that are modular with a main screen (calendar based) that reminds users of their to-do-list and essentials.

Group discussion!

Refining in depth our 3 ideas

After presenting our ideas to the TA, we found that the idea on the dustbin was not attractive. We eliminated the idea based on the following criteria: 1. Creativity and innovation. 2. Prototyping cost and complexity. 3. Market demand. 4. Unique value proposition. As such, the other two ideas were further refined and explored.

Idea 1: Smart calendar

Idea description

As many individuals then to forget to bring out their essentials, creating a product that can address this problem is extremely helpful. Essentials include house keys, mobile phone, wallet and car keys. Our target audience is focused on families or young adults from 18 to 30 years of age. The screen would act as relay to broadcast the date, day and weather. In addition, reminders and the day’s agenda will be displayed to remind the individual what needs to done. Furthermore, the system will also provide “quote of the day” to motivate the user. If there are any essentials that are left behind, the system will voice to the user that he has forgotten something. This ensures that the user does not miss out important items for their day outside.

Design discussion and prototype planning.

Prototype formulation

Creating something that is modular and intuitive would be the best product for the users. Not only would it be easy to use, but also customizable to suit the preference of the individual. As such, modular shelves would suit best as they can be arranged in different patterns to fit into the home environment. The screen would be on another platform that is also modular and can be placed anywhere. In addition, essentials will be placed inside these shelves which are respectively tagged to different users in the house.

The next stage of our project is to build a prototype out of cardboard to see if any areas can be improved. Next, the sourcing of materials will be done before assembling the necessary components into a finalized product.

3D model of a single modular shelf.

Idea 2: Smart time management device

The idea is to instill good learning habits for children. One of the essential life-skill is good time management. Our professor recommended that the device should be engaging for the children. Especially for such a young age, something extremely fun should be created to get their attention.

A few drawings and ideas were brainstormed to discuss what were the possible toy ideas that children would enjoy. Some included teaching them to bring apart large components while others were teaching them to build an object. The intention of these ideas were to spurn creativity but also complete the task under timed conditions. This would encourage the children to learn the importance of time management and ensure that they further improve themselves in that area. It would be ideal if the toy created does not require electronic devices of wifi. This prevents children from getting glued to the devices and be distracted.

Recommendation by Prof Jiang: Book that teaches children about the anatomy of the body.
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