Hi there! It’s me, Timo again! Here to talk to you about our final CIP session we held at Hushu school. In addition, I wish to talk about one major class we took while in Zhejiang University, called Design Fiction.

The final CIP session was abound. It was not filled with bittersweet feelings sadly, but more so of thinking of the perspective the place has to offer as a student/citizen of Singapore. Given this grand scheme of things in our world, where would this experience shake or change my understanding of the world around me. What is it about this school that could help me understand where I stand in this world and how much more could I take such an experience and grow as a person. It was a time of deeper reflection for this experience I tasked myself to do. The plane making, the teaching of choreography and for our last session we got to experience Hushu students going through vocational training for similar jobs outside. It was meant for the “upper primary” students to learn a menial job so they could at least support themselves.

I ended up with a baking vocation. We had learnt how to bake a pudding, in Chinese if I may add. (It was a struggle already to talk, now to learn something in Chinese was another challenge). Others went to different vocations such as cooking, brewing drinks and crafting small gift trinkets. The baking was a fun experience, nothing too fancy, or great, just baking some pudding. In addition to that, we did a little pipping for a multi-layered crust and cream dessert. Wew. It was a task that was enjoyable. The last thing we ever did there was a small origami class. Since the students shared with us some skills, we shall share with them another skill. We were tasked to teach the “upper primary” children origami. Previously when we were folding planes, I folded some origami and they do look interested in crafting something like that. However, those people I folded the origami for were the “lower primary” not the “upper primary” children. Pretty sure they wouldn’t mind learning some origami any way. Who wouldn’t. Any way, we taught the children origami, and that was pretty much the end of our CIP final day. Nothing too fancy, nothing too grand. However, as I stated previously, a deeper reflection about this CIP programme is what I tasked myself to think more into.

Next thing I would like to talk about is the Design Fiction class we were took. It comprised of us thinking beyond reality, an imaginative way to display stories about our daily lives. From making toast, to talking about millenials, we made videos showcasing the stories we wish to tell. The class was decent, it was not groundbreaking for me, but it was a handy class I took, where I got to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software, provided by our school. It came handy in the later parts of ALP as well, and the editing was something I thoroughly enjoy doing. (Apart from the times Premiere just refused to work along with me, e.g. saving functions and major RAM eater.) But other than that is was a class that was useful to me.

That shall be all for this post this week. See you in the next post! 🙂

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