This marks the very end of Theme 3 Music Emotion. We are finally done! The final product, the final poster, the video we made, the final thesis. After 3 long months in ALP, we have finally finished everything we set out to accomplish and it feels amazing.

As the week came to a close, we had a mad rush to finish all our individual components and piece everything together, and most importantly, prepare for the final presentation. We were working throughout the day in fear of not being able to meet the deadline, as we had an earlier deadline than the other groups. This was because we were submitting our project for a competition at our professor’s request. Fortunately for us, the requirements of the competition overlapped with the deliverables of ALP, and thus we did not have additional work to do. However, the deadline for the competition was on 31st July, whereas the deadline for the ALP groups was on 2nd August. Although it was only a difference of 2 days, that time was extremely precious.

The final presentation was a day where all the ALP groups would get together and present everything they managed to accomplish in the 3 months. It was an exciting day as most of us did not really have much knowledge of what the other groups were up to. Marcus stepped up to the plate and presented on our group’s behalf, and he was amazing! Our presentation went extremely smoothly, even providing a short demonstration of our app. All the other groups were fantastic too, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone present their ideas and their products.

Marcus presenting to the rest of ALP

All in all, we had a lot of fun during ALP, we learnt a lot and made many new friends along the way. But like all good things, this has to come to an end. So I guess this is Theme 3 saying goodbye for now!

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