My first week in ALP was all about food and getting to know the place well. Since the thing that gets me excited is food, I shall be talking about food most of the time.

The food here is relatively very cheap and there are many places selling yummy food. If you on a low budget, you can head to the canteen where you can get a full meal for S$1-2. Below is my first breakfast in the canteen.

My first breakfast in the canteen

The opening hours of the canteen is very limited and very different from my usual meal time. Hence, an alternative source of food is houjie. There is a huge variety of food but they are more expensive than the canteen food.

Over the weekend, I travelled to Shanghai with some of my ALP mates for a food trip. The best food was the 生煎包 (shengjianbao) from a shop near where we stayed.


Today I ordered my first 饿了么 food delivery. I took 2+hours to decide on what to order due to the huge variety of food available.

My ¥7.5 饿了么 meal

Some tips for the next batch of ALP students:

  1. Try to set up your phone and bank account ASAP.
  2. Canteen food is very good for your wallet.
  3. Travel around China!
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