Hello! It’s me again, Timo. This blog post is just another post on the CIP programme we held for the children during this week.

Back to Hushu School, Wesson, Kenji and I choreographed a short dance for the middle year children in Hushu School. The dance was choreograph to their catchy and well-known song called Hai Chao, where it talked about a couple or something along those lines, can’t exactly remember. Any ways, the dance was simple enough, and we were teaching the middle year students from Hushu School. I forgot to mention how the children are split, so I shall digress and explain the metric at which the students are grouped. It is very much similar to primary school, like lower primary (P1-P2), middle primary (P3-P4), and a upper primary (P5-P6). This is not the terminology they use for their school, but it is a rough analogy for how the students are grouped up. The children we taught are the “middle primary” children.

It was quite odd though teaching mentally challenged children. For once, I do have a decent understanding in both mental disabilities and treating children. (Just linking this two and putting it into practice towards children is a bit of a different story). Any way, I do so in attempts to be sympathetic and patient as possible towards children. It is my general disposition when it comes to people, so teaching was not too horrible. However I did not do much talking or explaining as I explained in my previous post, my Chinese is not amazing. We taught them all the simple moves, yet they do struggle to pick it up precisely. It is very much like the paper plane activity, the children do not have an eye for meticulousness or precision, but all that was necessary was they were enjoying the time they had, and hopefully they did. Any way, it was enjoyable to teach the children, we finished off with them completing the whole choreography and we did a short mass dance together.

After which, we held a small mini talent showcase from each of us to them. Not too sure how impactful or memorable it was for the children, as we had some examples of what we usually do in Singapore education systems. Kenji did his Wushu, Marcus sang a song and I danced my Latin dance. Hopefully it was something that was different and showcased to them something different about who we are and why we came down to their school to interact with them in the first place.

Any way, that is all for this post today! See you next post!

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