As is well-known, China is a vast land with abundant resources. Therefore, people from all over China have developed different eating habits, and Hangzhou is also famous for its ‘Hangbangcai’ (Hangzhou Dishes).

Before coming to Hangzhou, I’m also very curious about the local food. It turns out that the journey has not been vain. Outside the east gate of Zhejiang University, there is a food street. Students living in the campus call it the ‘Degenerate Street’ because it can make students indulged in it and irresistible. For me myself, I have tried the Hong Kong style fried rice, Northeast big pot, Sichuan Ran noodles, Japanese curry and so on. The price is higher than that in the canteen, however it does provide many choices to improve your life quality.

When it comes to the student canteen, I have nothing to say but praise. The environment is comfortable. The dishes are abundant and the price is cheap. There are windows like normal restaurants where you can order meals for your own or join the buffet and eat until you feel full. Besides, the average cost for a meal is less than S$2. There is no doubt that the student canteen in ZJU is like a paradise compared to our canteen of SUTD.

Last but least, ordering the take-out food is also an important habit of students’ life. Because of the fierce market competition, the take-out fee is cheaper than that of Singapore. My roommate and I once ordered three times of BBQ from Meituan App as our supper. Other choices may include fried dishes, fast food and even hot pots.

Based on my knowledge, the most famous dish in Hangzhou is West Lake Vinegar Fish. However, there are also tourists complain that this dish is unworthy of its reputation. It is better to see for yourselves rather to hear for many times. With the invitation of our buddies, we tried it on the noon of Saturday. The fish has strong sour smell and taste. However, the meat was so tender that we finished the meal in the blink of eyes. Using the cuisine here as the beginning of the blog is a good choice because it gives me higher expectations of this 3-month experience. That’s all for the first blog and see you in the next week!

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