This week was spent mainly juggling between our Theme work and the ALP Design Thinking mod! We split up our work for the e-book app for our theme, so it was really crucial for us to learn our respective skills well! From skills like Machine Learning, to learning Apple’s Swift language and handling .epub files, it is fairly stressful yet a good experience to have to learn these things on our own!

There’s still our Design Thinking mod! We have to show something that is close to completion (if not already completed) by Monday, so some of us were working over the weekend to finish it! We split into 2 groups, with Wei Jin, Marcus and Jia Wei in 1 group, and Zhao Tong and Ivan in another. Hopefully our efforts pay off by the end of Monday!

Oh! We also had a small birthday celebration for the May and June babies! It’s really thoughtful to have a nice celebration for their birthdays when they’re away from home 🙂

That’s it for this week! See you soon!

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