Yes … We made the 葱油饼 ourselves (not exactly)

Minus the kneading of dough, chopping of spring onion and frying the 葱油.

That mainly sums up my last day in Hushu Special School. We were split up into different small groups to learn and experience what the vocational education students do – cooking, baking, arts and craft, making milk tea.
Jeremy, JJ and I went to learn how to make 葱油饼. Initially, we were just waiting while they were preparing the dough and the oil. The three of us shared our kitchen and home econs experience while waiting. And finally the in-charge split the dough for us and we could start making our 葱油饼. It had been a long time since I touched flour/ dough and it sure felt weird at first. But after a while, you get the hang of it and it was quite fun.

Jeremy is real proud of his 葱油饼

Meanwhile, the rest made milk tea, ribbon hair tie and dessert. After lunch, we came back together and taught the students origami – paper box (they termed it as 垃圾桶), crane and other things that we knew how to fold.

Design thinking
My group created a magical garden, where we used elements of Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations to create different flowers and finally using the paper actuator technique to move one of the flowers. We spent a lot of time designing the flower and did not use the 3D printer (we only used the 3D doodle pen) which was a little disappointing for me since I always wanted to learn how to use a 3D printer. (shall learn it soon)

Bad photo of our final book

And DIP is finally ending soon!

Had 烧烤 supper/dinner with my DIP mates! But not all were there


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