China Academy of Art

On monday, we headed to China Academy of Art to take a look at their graduation showcase. At first I thought it would be a very artistic showcase with like paintings and stuff. Fortunately, they had a wide range of courses some of which I did not expect (like automotive design). Here are some pictures of the showcase.

Design Fiction

We had to again make a video of making toast, this time for 2-3 minutes. Instead of showing you pictures, the video on the top of the post will give you a better idea of what we did. Enjoy

Theme project

We discussed with the professor and TAs on some of our research on computer human interaction. It is really interesting as ZJU seems to have a heavy focus on interaction for their product design.

We also shared 3 ideas each on roughly what our final product would be like. The professor and TAs gave us helpful comments on our ideas like what is good and what could be done better. For next week, we have to narrow down our ideas into 2-3 concrete ones.


Thats it for this week! Next week we will probably have another person doing the blog so stay tuned.

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