Before I begin blogging, I must admit that this is a hugely delayed post
-courtesy of our procrastination- that should have appeared 3 weeks ago

xx/06/2015 – Our modelling journey begins
As students, we were given a privilege in ALP to experience the modelling life, an path that we hopefully will never tread on again in our lives and future lives to come.

The day begun with a gruesome walk to the bookstore, under the merciless scorching ball of fire, called the Sun. Following that, we purchased foam boards and cutting equipment, before heading back to our modelling studio.

After reaching the much desired room (who wouldn’t love an air conditioned room?), our dreaded training to be world-class models began. We started training to tone our arms and legs by cutting the boards that we have bought earlier in the day. It was torturous. We sweat blood and tears as we dragged the penknife across the boards. It was tough.

What am I doing with my life?
Ain’t nobody got need for cutting board
Designing the inner mechanism

Next, we had to assemble the pieces together. Up to this day, none of us have figured out the purpose of this activity with regards to being world-class models. We were left baffled.

Just when we thought that the day has ended, we were told to perform the final task of the day. A photo shoot. In short, everyone was assigned a particular attire, had tons of makeup splashed on the face, and posed in front of the camera. The image below is the final result from the day’s worth of work.

After all that experience, which we knew was a hint of a model’s life, we quit.

– Wireless Charging Furniture Team

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