Time sure flies by fast here in Zhejiang… but the fun, laughter and adventure carries on!

This week, we started off with a workshop at Alibaba HQ in Hangzhou. I wasn’t able to see much at the HQ but it had a noticeable awe when you stepped into their compound. A place where most of our current and future technologies are created, it gave me an inspiring yet eerie sense of feeling at the same time. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to contribute my fair share to the betterment of this world.

And finally, the last day of volunteering at Hushu Special School was the day I was going to lead in something I was never meant to do: Dancing. Special thanks to my buddy Javier for helping me choreograph the dance. It was comforting seeing so many smiles while the children were learning the dance while panting on stage and shouting ‘1,2,3,4’ over and over again doing something you are really bad at. But in the end, I really enjoyed the time with the kids and it was a pleasure and honour to be there. I hope I can relive the joy of helping others when I go back to Singapore.

Lastly, for my adventure, I went to Longjing Village where it is known for their exotic tea leaves and having a scenic view that overlooks parts of the West Lake and the countryside. The trek up the hill took roughly forty-five minutes and it was pretty tough but the reward for reaching the summit is totally worth it. That trip highlighted how unfit I have become since army and I think I need to get some exercise in soon.

Fun fact: the farmers in this village only work once to thrice a year and there are branded cars like Maserati and BMW all over these village. Why? Because this can of tea leaves weighing at 125 grams cost SGD$90. And yes, I bought it…

To sum this week up, it was yet another thrilling week. As I was reflecting on the past month, I realized I really need to treasure every single moment because time passes by really quickly. Two and a half months left…



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