Here’s another update on a rather uneventful week for our team.

First prototype

Really good news for our project! We finally decided upon a direction for our product – napping. Perhaps not the most conventional take when one thinks of sleep but as modern research increasingly shows, integrating regular naps into our daily schedules are shown to provide many benefits including increased alertness and focus. Many big names companies now make naps a part of their workplace culture through the introduction of nap pods and rest areas. What we aim to do is to create a personal tabletop product meant to aid students/ workers with power napping. Our early discussions and ideas came together to form our first prototype.

first of many prototypes to come

Admittedly it is still very rough around the edges but we will continue to refine and improve upon it in the following weeks to come.

Design thinking

This week we continued the development of our ideas for our books. Heres a sneak peak of our WIPs:

Mae-sy’s, JJ’s and Cheryl’s prototype
Jeremy’s and Yuan Long’s prototype
book that eats prototype by Chris’ group

Stay tuned to our next post to see how they turned out!!

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