As we are nearing the end of ALP, much has been done and much needs to be done for our theme project. But, as urgent as the project sounds, a break is the change of pace that we need to refresh and recharge ourselves for the final stretch of the program and finish our project.

Although we, as a team, didn’t quite spend it together, we each had our own adventures and fun in different parts of China. Well, personally, I had fun in Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) observing nature at its finest. Funnily enough, Huang Shan isn’t actually yellow. Anyway, it has been commercialized enough for tourists from various countries; Indonesia, Germany, and Switzerland to name a few, are abundant at the top. The trip up the mountain was not as dangerous or tiring, mind you, it was still tiring, as other mountains in China. But the danger itself was multiplied tenfold as it kept raining and made the pavement unbelievably slippery, although thank goodness no accident happened during the trip. Anyway, here are some photos at the top.

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