It has been close to three months since I have arrived here in Zhejiang University and a lot has happened over these months. I guess it would be good to do some reflection of the time I had here since the program is going to end soon and I really have nothing much to talk about this week because it’s just work work work these two weeks.

I have realized that generating good designs and ideas takes a lot more time than what I originally thought. In classes here and in Singapore, they have always said that you need to vet your ideas through a detailed framework but I have never really believed in that until I came to Hangzhou. I had always believed that good ideas and design really boils down to luck and how creative a person is. I still do believe in that but I realized that if you put hundreds of random ideas through a selection process (frameworks), you will eventually be rewarded with an idea or solution that fits the criteria. Even though it may not be the most efficient way, that’s what the Chinese do and it works, especially since they are very hardworking, persistent and dedicated in what they do.

Technical skills are a lot more simple, if you want to learn something, just go on the internet and search for the skill you need to learn. For example, I needed to learn photoshop, premiere pro and many adobe softwares for my projects and as long as you spend an hour a day trying to learn it for a week, you can successfully master it. I think this trip has helped me reinforce the idea that technical skills are something that is easier to learn that many other skills such as presentation and conversational ones(soft-skills).

Being independent is not really easy for me. I also realized that I need to depend on the people around me for a lot of help. Things like staying fit, doing work, cleaning and maintenance of the room, entertainment etc; I really need the help of people to do these activities with me or I will just falter. Looks like I will cherish the people around me a lot more when I go back.

I will save my remaining reflection for my report and next week’s blog so I shall stop here. Two weeks left…

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