Hello! Welcome again to another blog post, it’s me Timo again. This time talking more about another Shanghai trip I underwent, and slightly more on our theme project we are doing in Zhejiang.

This time we went to shanghai, it was not for a leisure purpose, but a purpose to get a suit. Yes a suit. We have gotten some information from fellow ALPians that making suits in China is relatively cheaper, and done pretty well. At the same time, we headed off to Mai Mai a little and enjoyed the little delicacies of Shanghai. The suit making was nothing too special, it was just choosing what you want for a suit is a little daunting as it is an expensive long term investment for your our fashion. It ranged from outrageous patterns and colours of dragons and flowers to simple, not bombastic mono-coloured black tuxedo. Though being very reluctant about getting one, I opted for a dark blue coloured suit and got two inner shirts to go with it. We later had to return to collect our suits after placing our orders. Return trips mostly consisted of us sight seeing the area, and experiencing the multitudes of architectural

So our theme project started piling in more work for us. We had to learn quite a lump sum of different coding languages, and I struggle so much with coding as it was something I cannot grasp on a whim. From HTML to CSS to JavaScript, all these coding languages were heavily linked to one another, and picking it up was not an easy task. The major struggle was not much resources was provided to us on learning how to code it out, so the only way was through our teaching assistant we were assigned or self-learning through the internet. I challenged myself to learn it on my own, I looked up different sites for resources, and codes and slowly analyze each line of code and what it implied. Boy, that was a mistake. It did not get me anywhere or progress was really slow and time was of the essence, and the more I tried and manipulate the code the more it did not give me the results I want. So it was a period of panic for me, and in the end approached the teaching assistant for help. I have to thank the teaching assistant though, she was patient enough to teach me, and go through step by step the process of churning out a code for our project. Pretty much after I got my code out, I am done with my part of the project!

Well that’s all for today’s post, see y’all next post! 🙂

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