We started design fiction, a new course this week. On Wednesday morning, the professor asked us to visit the exhibition in the 1st floor of Yuehua building as the beginning of the design fiction class. It was a great learning experience to go through posters and related design knowledge. The topics are relevant to the course for they used different graphs and tables to represent data. Furthermore, they did some future works and imagination in their databases which we can learn from.

In the afternoon, we made some drawings of making toasts and presented in front of the class. The drawings were actually interesting since all the groups tried to be funny and created their own storyline.

Also, we had a greeting finding this week- a little cat! On the way we go back to hostel from the theme meeting, we found a small cat near the road. What a cutie! We all agreed that it was a domestic cat since it was close to humans.Our teammates went to different places this week. Some went to Beijing, some went to Huangshan. Although we may have some difficulties in the language, we all enjoyed ourselves in the whole journey. The project also went well and some ideas were fantastic after we brainstormed and discussed with the professor.

This week is fantastic and of course, we believe next week will be better.

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