This week felt more like a recovery week from the shock of the app competition for us and it was quite evident due to the slowing down of everyone’s pace. Maybe this was due to the results of the first round of the competition coming out only on the 15th of June which is in the next week. That being said, we did still spend quite a bit of time in the office trying to design our interfaces, learn the coding language of Swift, manipulation of eBook formats and all.

On Thursday, we had a meeting with our teaching assistants for them to have a feel for our progress with relation to the project and we had a rather fruitful discussion to really set the direction of the project from here on out. This design process and our discussion brought us back to think of the design graduate exhibition we went at the China Academy of Arts the week before and to tap on how they used thematic designs, sights and sounds to achieve the ability to capture their audience’s attention, suiting it their target audiences.

Group picture outside China Academy of Art

In a very similar fashion, we decided that we required to do the same and at the exhibition last week there were many different projects and designs that took product development to another level, some that talked about psychology and others that spoke of problems in society. Many of these could be ways and means for inspiration and adaptation for us to further our own prototypes and designs.

Few of the many interesting and beautiful designs

One of the projects that caught our eye was this very interesting piece of work we came across that spoke about the problem of noise pollution, and the project was named “Fusion Noise”. They worked on the problems of noises that just irritate people in general. This in a way is the opposite of our project and we looked at finding the counter design to this, creating a conducive environment for children to read and better learn while reading. For example, the dull and somber grey-scale color scheme and the messy sound combinations they used to set the tone for their project could help us find a better contrast of our color scheme and audio choice for our own theme’s project.

Fusion noise

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