So.. last week we mentioned that by now, our project would be done. Well, it’s not quite complete but we’re almost there! Our two deadlines are Tuesday for the competition and Friday for the ALP Final Product Launch Event.

Last Wednesday we met up with our professor and TA, and we obtained some valuable comments from them about our app and thesis. With their comments and opinions, we prevented ourselves from having tunnel vision since they are seeing it from a consumer point of view and that they are experienced designers as well. It was a worthwhile trip as it sped up our development process!

At this point our app is completed – just two nights ago we tested it on actual iPad and it works just as intended! For the remaining time left, we are working on and finalizing the other deliverables – Thesis, Poster and Video.

After the Final Product Launch Event, there will be another week of break before we fly back to Singapore. 3 months flew by quickly, didn’t it? Most of us must miss our homes and families, and soon it’ll be time to see them again 🙂

All the best for the submission everyone!

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