[Updated: 20.01.2020]

Hi Guys, I will keep posting the updates here on the latest news for the sponsored Summer Asia Programmes.

*Again if you are looking for other regions’ summer or exchange programmes, please read your seniors’ blog posts or email <global@sutd.edu.sg> to find out more.

Sino-Singapore Undergraduate Exchange (SSUE) – Designated Universities in various China provinces

No information for 2020.

GLP-DATE@ZJU – Zhejiang University

No information for 2020.

KAIST International Summer School (KISS) – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (26 June – 24 July 2020)

No information for 2020.

CDIO International Summer Camp – Feng Chia University

No information for 2020.

FCU i-Night Market Summer School – Feng Chia Univesity

No information for 2020.


Log on to SUTD website for more programme details and email global@sutd.edu.sg for Summer enquiries.


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