Lessons continued per normal as we continued on our ALP journey to the end of May. However, additional work came for us in the form of tight deadlines, just like the one back in SUTD.

Competition banner

Our mentor wanted us to participate in this competition, China Collegiate Computing Contest -– Mobile Application Innovation Contest (CCCC-移动应用创新). A competition jointly organised by Zhejiang University and Apple. He felt that our project would flourish and achieve its fullest potential in this competition. However the deadline, 31st May 2018, shocked us.

Having to finalised and solidified the content of our project before the deadline, it felt like a throwback to doing 1Ds, 2Ds, and design, but in 2 days! We realised how fortunate we were to be given instructions early to fully develop our project. Perhaps SUTD groomed us well enough to work under pressure, we managed to finish and submit our proposal before the deadline.

Hangzhou bus

During this period, we travelled to Yuquan Campus, another campus of ZJU, to meet our TAs. We took the bus, other than the flat fare of 2  yuan, it was similar to what we have in Singapore. Although the ride was an hour long, it was worth it. We finally met our other TA. It was fun talking to them and actually getting to know them a bit more. Despite the stressful and hectic timeline, we still had the luxury to enjoy delicious food at a restaurant nearby.

Picture with TAs in front of the restaurant

All in all, it was a rather somewhat nostalgic experience. In the 2 days, we had to fully come up with an idea, develop the idea, create a prototype and actually send the first prototype to the competition. It was filled with a good amount of both stress and fun times during the week and I hope that it would continue for the rest of ALP. Mostly the fun and exciting times, though.



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