Yo. Wee Ping here, and it’s finally my turn to blog! (Not actually THAT excited, HAHA). It has been a month in Hangzhou, China and I have slowly integrated into the culture and ways of living of the locals over here. Being able to understand and speak Chinese definitely help in making this transition a smooth one. Okay, enough of the intro and lets get started on proper blogging xD

First meal of the week!

(Yes, and I skipped breakfast almost every other days, LOL)

The canteen food are pretty decent and they can be paid using your campus card. The canteen food are prepared prior to ordering and you can only order those that have been prepared. There is no delay and this makes the whole experience of ordering your meal a seamless one. Of course, the other obvious difference is that the canteen food are much better than the ones back in SUTD. (sorry SUTD canteen!) We had to rush off for our Origami lesson subsequently, but hey! What’s a better way of starting the week other than a proper canteen meal with your friends.

Taizhou Volvo Visit

Taizhou is around 300km away from Hangzhou and it took 4.5H to reach there by bus. Although it was a long ride, some of the views were picturesque and it really got me into thinking about the stark division between the city and rural states of the country.

At the Volvo manufacturing plant, we were barred from taking any pictures and videos (just like red zone in SAF camps). We were given a tour inside the plant and how each components of the vehicle were made. However, what really inspired me was the presentation given by the plant’s manager. He was really passionate about what he does and he was very eager to take on new challenges. That is something I hope i can emulate in the future.

B’day Celebration!

(Thanks fam for celebrating my bday!)

That’s right, it was my birthday this week! We went to eat Haidilao at Intime City, a mall that is 2km away from our campus. (Warning: Please be prepared to wait for ~3H after taking your queue number). The service provided by them was good and the pricing were relatively cheaper compared to the ones in Singapore. We paid about SGD20/pax. However, I would not recommend to go there on a regular basis as you could probably find similar-styled hotpots alternatives at a much cheaper price around the vicinity. My Theme Mentor gave me an Angpao as well! Shoutout to Prof Sun Lingyun 🙂

Nanxun Water Town

Friday was 端午节 (Dragonboat Festival). It is a Public Holiday in China and we decided to visit Nanxun Water Town, located in Huzhou. The place is tranquil with beautiful scenery everywhere! We went to the various ancient houses and we have also learnt more about the history and culture of the Chinese.

I can safely say… the highlight of this day trip was our dinner. The food was so good! Maybe it was because all of us missed home-cooked food as the flavours and types of food were the closest to it since we touchdown in China. How I wish this shop operates in Hangzhou as well.

All in all, this week has been really amazing and meaningful to me in so many ways. I guess… that is all for now. Back to enjoying my life in Hangzhou! 后会有期~

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