Last weekend, we split up to go our own adventures! Some went to Suzhou, some went to Shanghai and I stayed in Hangzhou.

These are some photos from Suzhou!
















And here are some from Shanghai!

And finally here are some I took during my visit to the sword/scissors/umbrella/fan museum in Hangzhou! These museums are all free to enter so be sure to take a look next time you are in Hangzhou!



This week’s class taught us how to convert simple sketches into animations using premiere pro. Everyone had a great time trying to come up with a short animation on how to make bread!

Behold our great leader JJ at work generating some dank memes


We had a meeting with our professor and TA on Wednesday for our very first serious meeting on our project. We discussed on how sleep works and our research into the current market products. I think we had some trouble as our command of Chinese was lacking. Furthermore, we had to talk about some very technical terms like circadian rhythm adding to the technical difficultly. We will strive to improve our Chinese in the future!

For next week, we have to do more research on interaction and brainstorm some ideas on our project. The part on interaction is very interesting because traditional design usually keeps interaction under the function part of the project but we are told to focus on it as though it is a subcategory like function itself.


Hope you enjoyed our updates this week! We will have more exciting stuff next week.


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