This week’s blog is a little hard to write since I didn’t do anything too exciting, so I shall write about how my typical week in ZJU goes. And it’s a no photo blog entry since I didn’t take any this week.

For this week, I was busy with design fiction final video submission, DIP and design thinking ideation. I shall explain them one by one so that my blog entry is a little longer.
From others’ blog, you might have known that our design fiction video is about generation Z. My group decided to do filming then add secondary sources to make the video 3 minutes long. As we were planning, we realised that gen Z are almost no different from us, since we are just 1-2 years older than they are. Hence, we decided to talk about the current trend and expectation of us from the slightly older generation.

For DIP, I was testing various Arduino modules that my group was using since we decided to use another board which operates slightly different from Uno board. Took quite some time to figure out everything as I need to search for test codes, ensure the module doesn’t work not because of connection issues etc. My biggest takeaway is to be sure of what we want so that we know what materials to buy. (My team wanted analog input but the board we are using doesn’t allow that) Apart from dealing with the hardware, I also learnt a lot about marketing and presentation skills from the weekly meeting with the instructors. It is especially so since the students and instructors mostly have industrial design background.

For design thinking and expression, we learnt more about paper actuators using conductive PLA materials. The paper bends when it is cold and straightens when it is hot. We also get to know more about 3D printing and CADing using Rhino. Well, it was my first time using a 3D printing pen so I was playing and creating random things during lesson. We were then tasked to ideate a page of a book with the topic ‘This book is a …’ and my group chose to make a garden (as of now). We actually brainstormed many ideas but because we were unfamiliar with controlling the paper bending, we decided on something that doesn’t require precise and accurate bending of the paper.

Of course, I do have some free time here which I play frisbee with ZJU students from various campuses, watch shows (of course World Cup included) or play board/card games. If you want board/card games recommendation, you can look for me 🙂

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