We're at the peak!

Wew! This week, we had plenty of time to explore new places and meet new people from Zhejiang University. Notably, I had my first meeting with my theme’s professor, Dr Zhang, as well as our two TAs, and we were brought around Zijingang campus and we had great food for dinner at the restaurant nearby, Childhood Villas. The ice cream bread was amazing.

A fraction of the delish food at Childhood Villas.

On Saturday, “Buddy Day”, all of us were split into small groups as we set off to various places in Hangzhou. Jiang Yi, Ian, Yuan Long and I were led by 2 local students, Nan Fei and Yi Fan, to 飞来峰景区 (Fei Lai Feng area) and 西溪湿地 (Xi Xi Wetlands). Compared to the itineraries of the other groups, ours was slightly more adventurous as we visited 灵隐寺 (Ling Yin Temple) and ascended 飞来峰顶 (Fei Lai Feng mountain) in the morning, followed by walking through the Xi Xi Wetlands in the afternoon. The areas we visited were beautiful and rich in the nature of the mountain and the wetlands, and the temple was filled with exquisite craftsmanship in their building structures and statues. Here are the pictures!

Amazing craftsmanship and preservation
More pretty craftsmanship!
They have a library of scriptures!
Ascending 飞来峰顶
We’re at the peak!
Despite a sunny weather, the caves are really cooling to be in.

It was great to have a Buddy Day because without one, I’m pretty sure it would be hard for us to find out that places such as 飞来峰 and 西溪湿地 exist. Thank you Nan Fei and Yi Fan!

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