Hey, it me again. Who is me? Me is Dan, an ALP TFi scholar currently in Zhejiang University doing a summer exchange with them. To see my last blog post, click here.

Hello this week what are you doing?

Well, In this week, I realized that I’ve been super behind on a few of my blogs, namely the Sichuan one that had a lot of pictures and stuff to talk about. I think if you’ve seen Alexs blog, you’ll know what I mean.

So I set to work on doing up my blogs and catching up on all my deliverables for the TFi scholarship, 14 blogs in total isn’t hard, it just sometimes works catches up to you, you don’t have anything to write about, your life just isn’t interesting enough(insert more excuses here).

And you mentioned that you were finishing up on your blogs?

Well yeah, but have you ever tried remembering stuff from a month ago? I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday(I actually can, it’s some dishes from a local restaurant but shush, this is an exaggeration).

So I found a nifty trick that I could use. Whenever I go out, I use myInstagramm stories quite a lot. I also check my archives as a trigger to remember what I did on that day, and I think I’ve been doing pretty well on that.

So thats been a super nifty trick that I use, but then on those days that I don’t go out, and just remain a degenerate in the hostel eating my 外卖, my stories have nothing and I’m just left with no inspiration.

So this week blog nothing again la?

Hold it!

I actually have a dedication to make this week.

The dedication is to my beloved, beloved.

全家 ice-cream.

Have you ever wanted some good ice-cream?

全家 is where it’s at.

No really, for 8 yuan, you get a rich, creamy, large vanilla cone that also has an excellent waffle that comes along with it. (Of course, I mean the ice cream waffle).

Others might say that 8 yuan is too expensive, that it’s overcharging for such a simple ice-cream.

I ignore detractors and eat ice-cream at the same time, it’s a win-win situation man.

There’s another stall that sells ice cream at 3 yuan but it’s not as large, the waffle is just not as nice, and the ice cream just tastes different you know?

Furthermore, with the availability of 全家, it just becomes available everywhere.

Hungry in Hangzhou at night? 全家 ice-cream.

Feeling a bit warm under the weather? 全家 ice-cream.

Thirsting for some taste of familiarity in Shanghai? 全家 ice-cream.

I could go on forever.

And thats why I can safely say that 全家 is one of the best things that has happened to me in ALP.

And it’s really true.

That was weird, you are weird.

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it man.

I’ll leave y’all with an overwhelming feeling for my love of that ice-cream.

Signing off.




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