Today was really warm, with the weather forecast reporting that it is 36 degrees Celsius and feels like 41 degrees Celsius, I can reassure everyone that this is not exaggerated at all. Even warmer than anywhere I have experienced in Singapore and Malaysia, the heat radiated from the floor, coupled with the warm breezes and merciless sunlight, we felt like potatoes being baked in a giant oven.

Nonetheless, it is the weekend and it would be wasted if we just restrict ourselves to indoor activities. With China’s many great scenic areas, we decided to head to Xixi Wetlands today – 西溪国家湿地公园.

At the entrance.
A statue of the infamous author of the novel 水浒传, a chinese novel that I have read before.

Carvings on the wall showing the various fighting positions.
More paintings on the wall.
Magnificent pagodas – I can never get enough of these!
The entrance to a place in the olden style.
Some aunties and an uncle practicing Taichi on a stage – I was sitting at the side and admiring them for their gracefulness and diligence.
Forged weapons of the Song Dynasty.
A tiny squirrel resting at a corner – spooted!
Various steps in mastering the 水浒击, a type of martial arts.
A winery in Hezhu Street that featured various exhibitions on how they created the drinks in the olden days.
On the way back to another entrance/exit, we chanced upon a lake with the surface entirely covered in algae. It was a rare yet disturbing sight.

Overall, it was definitely a sweaty day and we were dehydrated, not preparing enough water for the short yet draining trip. Fortunately, there were convenience stores around the area and we managed to pick up some bottles of water along the way. Although it would have been better with a friendlier weather, it was worth it as I got to experience yet again the different sights of Hangzhou.

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It is in my nature to learn, to grow, to help others, to teach, to explore, and to be fascinated with the unknown. With a keen interest in music, I play the tuba in the symphonic band and also the piano. Music is magical, and it never fails to amaze me how effectively it can connect people regardless of race, language, ethnicity and geographical proximity. Similarly, with my new-found passion in computing and programming, I aspire to create programs that does the same and to solve their problems, but in a slightly different, more technical approach.


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