Hi guys! This week is slightly more exciting. Yes, we have still been working on our app, but we’ve got the opportunity to visit Alibaba on Thursday! Pictures first:

Huge interactive touchscreen detailing the history of Alibaba
Concept shop where there are no cashiers!
In Alibaba, every employee has to serve 3 hours of Community Service a year.
A huge gym (This is probably just 1/5 of the gym)
A presentation on Alibaba.
The bikes are free to use in Alibaba! And they’re much better than the public bikes!

Our tour was just a half day tour, so we didn’t manage to see much, the thing that captured my eye the most was the store that didn’t have any cashiers! I didn’t buy anything for myself, but if I understand correctly, all that’s required is to scan the QR code for item you want to buy, and then go out by the checkout doors. The item will be paid for directly through your smartphone! It also has cameras all over the place for security measures and also use facial recognition technology to make sure you bring out only the things you purchase. Perhaps one day such a technology will be prevalent in our societies, and it’s exciting to look forward to such advances in technology.

I also have to comment on the bicycles that Alibaba has in their compound! The bicycles don’t need to be unlocked using any bike-sharing app, it’s free to use for anyone in the compound (of course, as long as it’s not brought out). More importantly, they’re really smooth and nice to use! I was slightly disappointed that we only cycled for about 5 minutes before we arrived at the entrance of the compound xD

Okay, that’s it for this week, the next few weeks will be more work! See you soon!

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