Hey Everybody, My name is Dan, a TFi ALP scholar, if you’ve missed last weeks complain session, click here.

Oh wait last week wasn’t a complain session, it was a confession session, to my one true love, the 全家 ice-cream. So if you want me to make proverbial love to an inanimate object, click the link.

So dis week happenings?

Yup, this week is the week! The big week! The week where we finally finish our deadlines and projects and everything that has been plaguing us for the past few weeks. To be frank,  the workload isn’t that heavy, and we’ve honestly been enjoying ourselves here.

Where else would I get to meet the love of my life, the 全家 ice-cream?

Ok, so at the end, whats due?

There’ll be a presentation, video, etc etc usual deliverables for design projects. But that’s not what matters. What matters is that we redid our entire presentation multiple times in the last few weeks, including the video( we have Kenneth as our tank for our videomaking, thank the heavens we have him as a project mate).

So what’s the takeaway from ALP in the end?

To be honest, I came into ZJU with a plan of just enjoying myself. And then I realized that I was in a group that generally had a much difficult platform to perform on. And then I realized I couldn’t relax as much.

Additionally, I was planning to do EPD in my following term at SUTD. The werewolf HoloLens project is definitely an ISTD project, and I also questioned myself if I would be content with ISTD as my pillar.

Actually, I don’t know the answer myself, but I know that I want EPD because I have plans for the future, and I feel that EPD is the straightest path to that future for me.

Although my plans are fluid and it can take a curve and everything, so I don’t mind a bit of detour.

It’s been fun doing a side project that is interesting and challenging at the same time, although I definitely wouldn’t be able to cope with this in SUTD.

Alright, to be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of stuff in my last week at ZJU, however, for the next blog post, I’ll be talking about my after ALP travels, and I have a lot of material for that.

Stay tuned for the next blog!





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