Hello HoloLens!

Hi, welcome to the Werewolf Augmented Reality blog, I’m Dan and I’ll be writing the blog for this week.

We were busy combining our codes for this week. I was tasked to make the GUI in Unity, to display the emotions that Franks portion of the code was recognizing, and with a frame that Gui An built with the OpenCV layer.

I finished my code pretty early because I didn’t have to rely on other codes like Microsoft Azure and OpenCV, unlike the other two who were working with those platforms. All I had to do was to set up my own GazeController with the HoloLens, which is pretty easy to do if you’re already proficient with the Microsoft HoloLens development kit(it wasn’t really easy for me because I wasn’t very proficient.).

In my defense, the Microsoft HoloLens development kit is not really beginner friendly and I’m not the best at reading documentation. My eyes just kinda.. skip.. pass the code.

Yeah, that is one of the many reasons why I’m not going to ISTD.

At the end of the week, Gui An is also done with his code and we combine it, lo and behold, it works.

The HoloLens can detect a persons face, and have the GUI activate and have it be read by the user.

Unfortunately, a lot of other errors with the code also occurred, alongside with a few hardware limitations (foreshadowing for a few weeks into the future).

Alright, I’ll leave it to the next person to brief you about how everything went down



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