This week we are preparing for our final deriverables to ZJU and SUTD. For a comparison, workspace is more occupied than a week before DIP presentation.

If you follow our first few blogs, our theme is working on ML toolkits to help designers to implement ML to make their product smarter. So now, we are packaging different modules that we use during DIP to a very simple format. We also need to prepare our report and PPT for our final presentation.

This week, we start 2 ZJU optional course:

  1. 2018 ZJU International Summer School on Visual Analytics

This for 11 days class is about Data Visualisation. It consists of few hours of lecture in English and Mandarin by notable speakers in Data Visualisation. Most of the speakers are foreigners and also members of IEEE.

  1. Big data Driven Public Affair Research Methodology

This summer school, organised by School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University, is about big data and data exploration. It is stated in the one of the lecture that starting from 2010, the era of data has begun. In this class, we learn tools that data scientist often use to explore data, such as database for storing data, python to process data, some important theories (blockchain, social diffusion) and also several machine learning techniques. There is a hackathon for this class, where we need to deliver our insights from UK Housing dataset.

Since this is almost the end of ALP, let me flashback our memories during ALP:

(Buddy Day)

(Culture Experience Activity: Liangzhu Dream Town)

(Company visit: Caoban)

(Culture Experience Activity: From Yuhang Rong Design Library)

(Campus Asia Design Workshop)

There are more activities happening, but I don’t have the pictures.

These are some of the sceneries around ZJU that I took during my stay:

It is amazing on how this 3 month have passed in HangZhou. Thanks to our kind host, Prof Sun Ling Yun, Prof Huang, Miss Hillary Wu, and all ZJU Staff that have warmly treat us during the past 3 months. I hope that ZJU and SUTD will keep continuing  their collaboration in the future. Special thanks to our kind TA 周志斌 and 张瑞, for assisting us in ALP and in our theme Project. Thanks also to Lutong and Ji Yi Hong that have kindly inform us any important works and deadlines during ALP. Everything has been running smoothly in ALP. I will missed my time in China. This week blog post will end here, next week is about presentations and submissions. See you again 🙂


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