Last Friday was our product launch! It was quite an interesting experience to see everyone’s hard work finally put on display. Although my group’s presentation was probably the shortest, I’m still proud of the hard work put in the presentation and the work itself! During the Q&A session, I was holding an iPad with our app in it, allowing members of the audience have a feel for it. One of our visitors was very interested in it, and after having a feel for it, asked me if he could actually download the app from the app store. To me, that was a really big compliment! It felt as if he found its interface satisfactory and good enough to be put on the app store. I enjoyed designing the app and I hope I will do more in the future.

Now, I have a little over a week left before returning to Singapore. Having been to Suzhou and Guangzhou earlier in ALP, I feel like taking a break here in Hangzhou would be nice, before travelling back. Although I miss Singapore, I know I’ll miss Hangzhou and the environment here in ALP too, soon after arriving in Singapore. What a bittersweet feeling!

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