This picture was trying to show how hot it was in Hangzhou at that time, but I guess if I have to explain it, it's not a good photo.

Hi, I’m Dan , Kenneth threw this job to me :(. I’m not good at editing video clips together so instead, I’ll just bore you with words!


Help pls

We were passed our first assignment at the start of the week, which was to load a unity 3D image onto the Microsoft hololens, but before that, we had to first download the necessary programs onto our computers. But my laptop had no space.


And so that’s basically how I took the chance to get my life(i.e Laptop) together.

Do you like how I name my drives?





Actual work

Ok! Now for the actual work to start! I had to download 4-5 windows files to install so that I could emulate and run our test folders.

Only thing is that we had to download them over our poor internet and they were really REALLY big windows updates.

So I guess you could imagine how that went.

Yeah so by now I think you could tell that we didn’t actually start work until the next week because of all the download/ install issues.

Design fiction best thing since sliced toast?


This picture was trying to show how hot it was in Hangzhou at that time, but I guess if I have to explain it, it’s not a good photo.

On Thursday, we had our first design fiction class! We basically learned about the separation of different ideas into categories, and how to tell stories with different cards. We were then tasked to tell a story with how toast is made, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. I was rather proud of this idea though.



We have to make a video depicting the life of a 18~ year old and how they view technology generally, being born in the digital age and all.





Design Innovation Product(DIP) classes


Our theme-mate Gui An taking over his group presentation

I actually don’t know if I got the name of the course right, but we’ll deal with that problem when we get to it.


It was the second DIP class for us, and our groups(we joined the undergraduate students on this mod) presented on our ideas for the project.

Design classes aren’t exactly easy, but guess what is even more exciting? Design classes in Mandarin, working with Chinese groupmates!

All jokes aside, the language barrier was not personally a big issue for more, furthermore, I got an authentic,  first-hand experience of a different culture of innovation.






That’s basically all we did for Week 2, now, I’m off to Shanghai, look forward to that blog here!


Signing off



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