Picture of the hiking trail we took this week and Dan the model

Hello again!

Here’s the next update of my week so far in Hangzhou! I think this week all I did was stay in my room and play mahjong HAHAHA yes I taobao-ed an entire mahjong set because why not LOL we’re definitely not gambling ya it’s against the rules of the hostel ok (but we did get complained for noise once or twice oops)


(or Hang-zoo as Bendydick Cucumber calls it in Sherlock LOL) ok so last week I complained about Hangzhou right here’s 2 more words to describe Hangzhou that’s a lot better – Alipay and 后街.

for 3SGD you get this amazing bowl of noodles and I stole this from my instagram because I forgot to take a nice photo HAHAHA

Alipay, or wireless payment in general, is like the big thing in China, so much so that you can do almost everything and anything with it. Alipay links all the other small applications together like your bike sharing, Didi (kinda like uber), WAIMAI (godbless) and taobao (also another godsend) together so you don’t really have to download all these apps separately. And needless to say you can pay for all these with Alipay on your mobile phone. It’s so convenient that I am embarrassed to say that I locked myself out of my room a few times because I forgot to bring my wallet out because you can settle everything with your phone (except unlocking my door sadly). I really don’t know how I can adapt once I go back to Singapore (say only la you wait 1 more month I will complain say I want to go back to sg already HAHAHAHA)

Houjie is like the street right behind our school and it’s filled with amazing food and drinks that we can get whenever we feel that we should take a break from waimai and canteen (which is honestly all the time LOL) and the food there is cheap and amazing. My favorite meal so far is the beef noodles there I think I eat there like almost every alternate time I go to houjie. And have I already mentioned that its cheap!!!! The congyoubing 葱油饼 there is also amazing because its delicious and not excessively oily unlike the name. (and also cheap!!!!!!!!!) And also there’s bubble tea which is also (cheap???) nice and their service is good like they will help you insert the straw all kind of good (ya I’m lazy what you want).

Hushu School

the corridor is honestly beautiful

So actually the reason why this blog is mandatory is because TFI-Learn is sponsoring a few of us for this trip and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be able to experience something like this in just my first year of school. And part of the requirements for this is to complete community service and so we went to check out the school which was for special needs children. The school is actually very well-equipped and have marvelous facilities, and that got us wrecking our brains thinking what to do for them as they wanted something that is “Singaporean”. And that’s still on hold so keep a look out for it HAHAHAHAHA but for now just take a look at the some pictures of how colorful the school is.

They have this ball area for them to play in omg is this even a school



This week we didn’t really get out much so the most happening thing was us climbing this hiking trail near the xihu area. But under the great leadership of Dan who predicted awesome possum weather we didn’t manage to see much because of the fog yay!! (sounds like a recurring theme right @shanghai LOL) Before y’all start complaining I have to say that I wore long 4 pants because it helps to keep mosquitoes away (you can check with zile how much mosquitoes there were ok thank the heavens I wore long pants) and it’s also (quite) comfortable what it’s xiao memories ok (#readytostrike). Also I didn’t wear my boots because I forgot to bring them in case you were wondering. But all these aside the hike was actually quite fun and the view was quite legit when it isn’t covered by the fog. And it was quite good exercise considering that I was cooped up in my room half the time (actually I’ve been doing pushups and situps everyday cos IPPT training so I’m not that unhealthy HAHA)

thanks for the trust chenran HAHA
overexposed picture of us because of the sky :<









I wanted to upload a video of me and chenran dancing to “anything is possible” but I can’t because the wifi is killing me and also because the maximum upload size is 8Mb. I’m going off to Beijing in about 6 hours so that’s all for this week. Till the next time!

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