Sights were beautiful as we ascended 北高峰

It has been a really eventful week this week. On Thursday, my theme and I visited Huawei’s R&D Centre! It reminds me that Huawei is not all about cellphones and tablets, they work on a lot of technology as well! They are a giant tech company steadily making its way up the global market.. Here are some highlights!

Huawei’s Live Conference Technology – allowing people from different locations to have a live conference with a set-up similar to the real thing.

Green Screen!
AI Assisted Meetings – AI allows for live translation, and performing of small tasks like pulling up documents, creating blank document workspaces, etc.
AI Household Robot – Performs functions like waking you in the morning, patrolling your home, allowing you to remotely control it and watch your home via its cameras. It can even sing and dance!

Using VR as a tool for training their employees with technical skills

What was really interesting for me was the use of VR to train employees. This concept allows the trainees to work in a safe environment without fear of failure. Certain tasks are dangerous in real life, like climbing up a cell tower to fix a component. Using VR to familiarize the trainee before the real experience will allow him to be better prepared for his task. It is easy to envision a future where VR allows anyone to learn any hard skill due to its ability to remove limitations like lack of resources and proper environment.

On Friday, Zhaotong brought Yuanlong, Jingqi and me to a few museums in Hangzhou that she had been to for buddy day (They’re free!). Pictures!

First stop! Swords/Knives and Umbrella Museums!
Knives carved from stone
So shiny and beautiful!
How scissors look like before they became what we’re familiar with
Beautiful display of umbrellas as we enter the umbrella museum.
They have many unique umbrellas..
and exotic fans!
Black ostrich feathers fan with a hawkabill rib

Visiting these museums was eye-opening because it allowed me to see the evolution of these cultural objects. This history tells a story of the design process over a long period of time. How blades evolve through different materials and manufacturing processes. How umbrellas and fans evolve to suit certain needs like portability and function. It makes me feel that no matter how refined we think our own designs may be, maybe a few years or decades later someone might be able to come along and make it even better!

Lastly, on Saturday, a group of us visited 北高峰 (Bei Gao Feng), a hike that was much more exhausting than last week at 飞来峰 (Fei Lai Feng). There was a slight drizzle so there was that added difficulty as well. It was 314m high (But we had to climb up and down a lot, it wasn’t just ascending), and a few kilometres of horizontal distance covered. It reminds me of the days in army where we had to trek through the jungles and mountains. Although this wasn’t as tiring as that, but it was still tough!

The trail was easy at the start..
Checkpoint shortly near the start of the climb
Nearing the top!!
There was a temple at the peak!
Taking the cable car back down..
View from the cable car

It was a really fun 3 days in a row, I’m looking forward to more next week!

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