Hi guys,

This will be a bit of a weird blog since I really don’t know where my missing week went to(I detailed a missing week here), I’ll be talking about my CIP experience with the kiddies at the Hushu school. (We had to do some CIP with them, I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this)

The kids at Hushu school are a special bunch, with most of them being mentally challenged. As any person who has worked with them before would tell you, working with mentally challenged kids are especially tiring. Firstly because they’re kids, and all kids have too much energy to be bundled in such a fun-sized package, and secondly because they wouldn’t understand some instructions that you give to them, because their minds work differently from ours.

We had a kid that was constantly scratching, biting and drooling on the teachers of the school, alongside with some other kids that were generally hyperactive, but I think it’s because, like I said it, they’re fun-sized with an extra large filling of sugar and energy in their body.

You can also look at some of my friends’ blogs for details for our visit to Hushu school, I opted not to talk about it because it’ll be a common topic for all of us.

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