In this week, a lot of our projects start to demand more from us. For this theme, the DIP projects had a presentation on Thursday while for the Origami Robots class, we had to choose one of our many origamis to focus on and create a more thorough design of its actions to make it more alive. After the hard work through the weekdays, we had a fun excursion on Saturday where our theme grouping went to an expo called the Future Life Expo and proceeding afterwards was a fantastic lunch.

Throughout the week, we all had many meetings with our DIP projects to discuss and work on our individual group’s deliverables. Often, I had to stay up till past 12 and I will still see many groups working in Yue Ya Lou on their projects. I am Yu Xiang and for my group, we aimed to produce a product that serves as both a platform for shop owners to showcase their popular products as well as for customers to use to read up more on that specific product or other products that they are interested in. In this week, we had to produce the user interface of the showcasing shelf as well as ensuring that the basic functions of interacting with the user interface is possible. My group used Unity, leap motion and Arduino to produce a multi-faceted product that is able to interact with the user on different senses of the user. I mainly helped out with the functionality of unity together with leap motion and Arduino where the user is able to use his hands to interact with the UI on unity and triggers the Arduino to change the lighting and wind speed within the product. This was a fun experience as it was interesting learning how to use leap motion to identify and interact with a virtual environment.

Moving on to the Origami project, I spent quite a lot of time with my group discussing on the best possible way to move our origami robot as well as the interior designing of the robot on where to place the Arduino and how to make it move. We tried to expand the motion of the origami by varying speed, degrees of motion as well as timing and combinations of motors. We also tried to come up with stories and from the stories derive the way our robot will move. In the end we realized that we had to fix a specific personality of the robot such that we can best decide how it will react in accordance to different scenarios.

The Future Life Expo was interesting where there were many companies showcasing their smart products as well as creative innovations that helps solve a specific problem. Some of the more notable ones that I saw were a smart backend delivery system of transporting goods within a warehouse, a more intuitive way of managing a building’s/company’s energy consumption as well as managing the different resources and a smart screen showing how one looks when trying on different clothes without having to physically change into the clothes. The smart delivery system uses small robots that moves quickly to travel around the warehouse using qr codes printed on the floor. It seems much more efficient and flexible to changes customizing to the day’s needs. The intuitive management allows the manager to easily visualize how the building’s energy consumption changes based on different changes that he implements on the system. It is also able to let the user see more details on the building like the current temperature in different rooms or which door allows for which user to access. Lastly, the clothes changing screen automatically adjusts the virtual clothes to your body size and layers it over the current image of you. It is a simple and easy way of letting you quickly visualize how you look like in the clothes that you selected.

All in all, it was a fun and productive week. Looking forward to how the DIP product will progress as well as the final form of our origami robots.

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