Finally! A theme photo! Featuring all the members in Theme 1, the largest theme for ALP 2018.

This week was a very busy week for us as we had 2 trips, DIP and our own theme work to do.

The entire ALP group visited China Academy of Art to view the work produced by their graduates. There were many exhibitions and I visited a few impressive ones, including architecture, industrial design and films.

We and theme 6 also visited the Future Life Expo, which was an exhibition of various futuristic items and technology. It was sadly less impressive than I’ve expected but still interesting overall. But the day was made great by our dear TA who treated us a scrumptious lunch in Raffles City (there’s quite a number of Raffles City in China)!

Trying out the parcel collection by face recognition (since we had a lot of time)

Other than the two visits, our theme members are mostly at our workspace, busy with our DIP project or the theme task. For myself, I was mainly doing the technical aspect of my DIP project, which was to make Arduino ‘talk’ to Raspberry pi wirelessly. It was especially difficult for me since I am clueless about C++ and electronics. But we managed to make ut work before the mock presentation.

Hope that next week would be a less busy week for us 🙂


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