Project II

We have finally kick-started our theme’s project on Deep Learning Conditioned by Brain Signals. We visited the Zhejiang Yuquan Campus for the first time to have first-hand experience with an EEG machine which will be used to capture brain signals as part of our project. I have to say that the Yuquan Campus is much more scenic than the Zhijingang campus where our international design center is located. The dorms here look traditional, yet clean and sleek at the same time.

Anyways, going back to the part on our project, the live demonstration of capturing brain signals using the EEG has shed some light on our project as we could finally see tangible results. We were also amazed as this was the first time operating such advanced technology. Our team will be working towards recreating images from brain signals from here on out.

Meeting New People

The most exciting part of travelling abroad is definitely meeting new people. Hearing tales of a foreign land from strangers is captivating as it is authentic. Other than the locals, we have forged new friendships with humans of other nationalities. Raif (pronouced Rah-eef), a Mexican, was delighted to introduce Mexican cuisine to us and brought us to a local Mexican food chain called Mojitos (pronounced Moh-hee-toes). We were pleasantly surprised by the food that we had but Raif said that it was nothing like the original back home.

Online Shopping

China is years ahead of us in terms of delivery service. Everything you could imagine of is deliverable to your doorstep (except illegal items, maybe) within 1-3 days. It is hard to conceive how one could step down from this level of convenience. So far I have not overspent and I hope to keep it that way.



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