We were better prepared this time for the English lessons at Hushu school. We had more conversational words to teach and we had more games for them to play when we taught them colour and directions (left, right, front, back). We also taught them the ‘I love you’ Barney song! I could see that the kids this time round were really interested in what we were teaching them.

Taking measurements of ling’s height for the apron

Suha designing an apron that is made out of household materials
All hard at work
Zhan Hao, Joei and Jeannie following the daily eye exercises that the school does

Over the weekend, the Ultimate Frisbee team rushed off to Shanghai to take part in the Shanghai Opens. The 5 of us played for the Hangzhou team against 20+ other teams at the tournament. For some of us, it was the first time playing at an overseas tournament, so it was a great experience for us!


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