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Welcome to Week 5 of my TFI Alp blog, if you’re looking for last weeks one, here’s the last weeks one. I don’t blame you if you’ve given up on my blogs by now.


If you read last weeks post, I’m currently playing catchup with my blogposts because there was a period of time where I got super lazy and didn’t bother posting anything. I guess that’s the feeling of putting in last-minute effort for work I’m supposed to do weekly.

Soooo, what’s been going on with your life?

The week has been rather silently, with projects going silent and me having to put in less work than normal, which is a godsend to me. Except for the occasional Fablab trip(we stayed till2 am1m this time) and a briefing on our BIG BIG DIP CONFERENCE(IT’S FINALLY ENDING), the week has been a nice one to relax and chill after the hectic period of balancing theme projects (which haven’t even been mentioned on this blog yet) and DIP. Alongside with me wanting to be lazy and just staying in my room for most of the time here

Huh then liddat you do blog post for what? Nothing happen also

That’s true, but we did go for an exciting hike with the rest of the ALP Peeps, it’s a place called the HuiHang Caravan trail in the old Anhui province. Honestly, the climb itself wasn’t a difficult one perse, it was just a long and chill walk with ALP friends. The weather was relaxing and chilly. The only problem was that we went as a large group, and as usual, large groups always move too slowly for my liking. However, there were some interesting photos that I wanted to share online because they had some nice scenes as well.


Handsome Joshua being the auntie killer

During the long bus ride there, nearing the end of the bus ride, there was an old lady on the road, blocking it. Upon stopping the bus, the lady asked us to buy some bamboo poles that could be used as walking sticks on the trail. They were refusing to move unless we bought some of their walking sticks.



Even after stopping the bus, there were a bunch of older ladies selling accessories, hats, walking sticks and whatnots. They were saying all kinds of stuff, like how the trail was difficult and we needed the sticks to survive. One particular vicious lady was remarking on a guys weight, and how he definitely needed it to trek later on.

Of course, just like what I mentioned just now, the trail ended up to be very easy, with just a difficult incline at the start that we were well rested for.

I’ll leave you with some photos to enjoy at the same time.

She couldn’t climb down the steps so she just gave up and butt-pushed herself down
A bunch of us resting at the river cause we’re lazy. Ft. Chris the living selfie stick
A view I captured of the valley that we were walking in


Ah, HASS portion 来料.

The incident of how the old lady stood in front of the bus really stuck out to me. They were relentless, unmoving even though the driver revved the engines in front a bit. In hindsight, I guess it’s because they were used to such tactics by drivers in the past.

Income inequality in such a large country as China chills me to the bones. Come to think of it, most of the horror stories, the extreme cases, all originate from China. From detaching rollercoasters to dogs being eaten, to cases of shut-in children playing games all day. The first day I came here I never really internalized the fact that I was in this country, the ‘Boogeyman’ was hiding around all corners.

When asked, one of the locals told me, China’s a big country, almost everything can happen here, it’s not that much of a big deal.

And it’s true, China is a big country(if you didn’t know that I honestly don’t know what to say), and things really happen all over a big country. Controversial news spreads fast, especially if you have propagators of such news having a biased mindset against a country.

At the very least, this trip has taught me how to judge something only by it’s past records, and not by a generalization of the area surrounding it. Sometimes you worry less this way.


Well, Week 5 of ALP has been quiet, but we’ll be anticipating the DIP presentation happening in a few weeks, so look out for that in the meantime.


Until next time



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