This week officially marks over a month here in Zhejiang university. After slightly over a month here in China, most of us here have managed to settle down and get use to the culture and environment here.

Theme 7(Data2Video) members


Our company visit to Webank in Shenzhen

This week also includes our presentation day for the origami robot project showcase that we have been working on for the first month here for the Design and Technology Experience program. Our teams worked hard leading up to this coming week, I saw many other group projects staying up till late making sure that they had a unique working prototype. I was very impressed by the range of products that were conjured up by the different teams based on the brief outline by the project requirements. Zhejiang university generously provided materials that we needed for our projects, they provided us with the basic Arduino kit which had all the main basic functions needed to create a working prototype and we could request for more sensors and parts as per our project requirement, allowing us to experiment with the different materials that we had on hand to permutate our prototype to have the final design. Having this flexibility of time and materials was very helpful for us especially during the discovery and experimentation phase where we were able to test and trial the different ideas we have with the parts and actually learn about its function and possible shortcomings. All in all, I’m thankful for the origami robot project in providing us with the protected time and materials for us to develop our skillset in Arduino and in the design and creative process.

Origami Robot Presentation

In addition to the robot origami project, we continue our assigned pre-reading for learning how to build a website which require three fundamental technologies which are CSS, HTML and JavaScript. I’ve currently covered the basics of CSS, HTML and I’m halfway through JavaScript. I’m really thankful having gone through digital world mod in term 3, which provided me with the basis of computational thinking which is transferrable across programming language with the idea of a pseudo code in my head. I realized the importance of developing the knowledge in not solely in programming language such as Python but in developing the thinking of how to solve the problem computationally which allow the learning and further along the line the applications of other programming language which can be picked up online such as what we are doing now.

Q&A session

During my free time this week, I travelled around the Xihu area. Managing to visit the hills, cat café and well-known restaurants that dot the area around Xihu. Unlike other week where we travelled outside of Hangzhou, this week was travelling within Hangzhou, seeing what the city has to offer to us.

View of Xihu
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