Using the curving properties of PLA filament on paper in room temperature, structures like this can stand!

Hi everyone! Apologies for the late post, but I’m back!

So last week we had our first two lessons for Design Thinking, and it was really interesting! We learned to use PLA filament on paper. Due to its properties, the PLA will curl/bend the paper in room temperature, while it will straighten out in higher temperatures (About 90 degrees Celsius). Our project is to design something that makes use of this property!


Learning to use the 3D Printer!
A flower yet to be in bloom.

Also, in the middle of the week I fell sick, unfortunately with a high fever, cold and diarrhea for a while. I visited the clinic for the first time! It was quite an interesting experience visiting the clinic here in China as it is quite different from back in Singapore! Although everything is in Chinese, the procedures are generally efficient for most people who are not first-timers at the clinic. I’m feeling much better now over the weekend and ready to continue Design Thinking this week!

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