Last day of TF. We were invited to their last day of school before break kind of assembly, where they give out the relevant prizes and give the kids safety briefing.

We prepared little gifts for the children too which they seemed to like a lot.

Got to experience eating lunch with the children. I was shocked to see that the teachers actually sit and eat with the students. They helped ensure that they gave a full and balanced meal. It really made me admire them for their dedication.

Two kids performed as a way to thank all the donors to the school too. It was so heartening to see that the older kid was helping the younger kid who could not stand properly. She did not mind having her back facing the audience so that she can share the microphone with the younger boy who had to sit on a chair.

This whole TF experience was eye opening for me. It showed me how dedicated people can be to their job and how they do not seem to have the slightest dread of having to wake up to go to work. It also allowed me to see how kids like this interact and care for one another in their own unique ways. It would be great if we had more time to teach the rest of the classes.

Other photos:

Cool buffet place that uses a bar code gantry as their gate

3 buildings I found cool. The random windows, Western chain in an old chinese building and a british influenced looking building.

Chops of various sorts

He Fang Jie at dusk

Painting for my theme homework: I learnt that Chinese like to fill up the whole paper with a lot of patterns, my attempt at combining a minimalist way of designing and Chinese way of designing.

Rainy Day Trip Bund Tunnelto Shanghai: View from the Bund

Bund Tunnel

In a mall along Nanjing Pedestrian Street

Cycling along some river in Hangzhou


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