Welcome to the Theme 6 blog for week 7, my name is Dan and I’ll be writing the blog for this week.

Whats with the title of this blog?

Time passes.

Very fast

So fast that I forgot what I did for the last few weeks even.

Yeah it’s all been just a blur and sometimes you just lose track of time in China.

So whats up with the theme this week?

The theme has been pretty busy (read:DIP) with important projects(read:Design expression, also known as book making with 3D printers) and petty afterthoughts(Theme project)

Yeah the theme project is the afterthoughts, but it’s only because the deadlines for the other two are coming up pretty soon(27th of June).

Yeah that’s not a proper way to work(we missed our internal theme deadline last week), but what else can we do when our attention is split seven-ways?


Okay we got it you’re busy

Yeah but the emphasis was to make myself feel better not to make you understand my point y’know.

So what did you ACTUALLY do?


Well, I was developing an AR app that was developed with Unity and Vuforia.(Didn’t work btw, Android SDK is REAL FUN).

So I guess I learned something that relates to our actual project?(It’s made in Unity with code made in Visual Studio)

Oh yeah and also all my paper actuator stuff that we have to do for our showcase, I don’t have any photos for that so I’ll leave you with Kenneths post where he talked about it.

So whats next for the theme?

Well I already mentioned the next big thing, the DIP showcase that our groups are presenting in, some of us even have parts presenting in it ourselves.


Other than that, we’re all looking forward to the Alibaba workplace trip on Thursday and recess week after that.

But I’ll let the next author talk about that


Signing off




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