Week 8 marked the end of the “1st half” of ALP with the end of all classes apart from our theme related work. With this also marked the end of one of the most infuriating projects we needed to complete, Design Thinking and Expression. The problem I had with it, upon more reflection, stemmed not from the rather unrealistic deadlines, but rather what I believe I could have done with more time. Basically, what I envisioned could not be created. I guess it didn’t help when the teaching body breathes down our necks with due creative differences and envisioning of what the product could be. All in all, we still did as what was asked of us and tried to do it to the best of our ability despite being rather unsatisfied with where this was going.

My team decided to go for something that inspired us, nature and its ability to calm us down. One imagery that helped us with that was that of flowers and for me personally, the serenity of water lilies and the life surrounding it. We then decided as a result to go with something that seemed to portray the blooming of the flower, a sort of time lapse style. I guess all in all, we did what we could and followed in a way that although we didn’t fully agree with, we managed to come to a middle ground to create something that we could be proud of.

My team’s book

In the end, at the DIP presentation where the whole set of our products were being shown, I am glad that the teaching team did a good job in showcasing the designs of our students well, doing justice to the efforts of all parties.

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